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Miele Twist S7210 Upright Vacuum Cleaner Miele Twist S7210

Miele has been producing floor care products renown for their quality and durability for over 80 years. Now with more than a million vacuums leaving its Bielefeld, Germany plant each year, Miele is the largest family owned and operated floor care manufacturer in the world. A high quality, world class product takes shape in the hands of skilled line workers at Miele. With care, concentration and respectful attention to detail, each S7 vacuum cleaner is crafted. S7210 Twist (Royal Blue) Upright Vacuum Cleaner The primary cleaning force behind any vacuum cleaner is its suction motor. As with all Miele floor care products, the S7 is equipped with a strong 1,200 watt Miele-made Vortex Motor System. In addition to its power, the SwivelNeck makes the S7 so maneuverable it can even be laid flat to the floor, which makes getting under beds and other low furnishings easier than ever before. Thorough yet gentle cleaning of deep-pile carpeting even when the depth of pile varies. This is why Miele S7 offers an innovative automatic height adjustment feature. The key component is the electrobrush. The electrobrush has a unique roller brush assembly (the roller brush is the agitator bar that, when spinning, separates carpet fibers allowing the suction power of the vacuum to lift dust and debris lodged deep down in the carpeting) which is flexible and spring-loaded to adapt to different carpet heights and floor coverings. The electrobrush follows the contour of the floor, reaching dust particles found in the depths of deep pile carpeting while the floor head always maintains optimal surface contact allowing consistent air flow. The height adjustment on Miele`s S7 is truly automatic requiring absolutely no manual intervention. Miele S7 is gentle on your carpets, penetrating the pile only to the depth necessary. And thanks to its own powerful 4,800 RPM motor, the roller brush can be ... Review >>
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Eureka Boss SmartVac Pet Lover 4870SZ Vacuum CleanerEureka Boss SmartVac Pet Lover 4870SZ
Bagged Upright Vacuum Cleaner
Rating: 4
Electrolux Home Care 1934A The Boss  Vacuum CleanerElectrolux Home Care 1934A The Boss
Bagged Upright Vacuum Cleaner
Rating: 4.5
Panasonic Jetspin Cyclone MC-UL915 Vacuum CleanerPanasonic Jetspin Cyclone MC-UL915
Bagless Canister Upright Vacuum Cleaner
Rating: 4
Bissell PowerGlide Platinum 35452 Vacuum CleanerBissell PowerGlide Platinum 35452
Bagged Upright Vacuum Cleaner
Rating: 4
If you moved to a new house or apartment, or simply decided to update household appliances, read the operating instructions carefully before using the new device. This document usually contains all the necessary information for the correct operation of the device, maintenance, troubleshooting and much more. An upright vacuum cleaner is not the only device in the house. Pay attention to the website with manuals for dishwashers, if they are on your shopping list. If you purchased a washing machine, we recommend that you visit a specialized site with the appropriate instructions for the most common manufacturers.

Buying appliances is often associated with a long selection of a suitable model, search for owners’ comments and reviews. This question applies not only to vacuum cleaners, but also to other home appliances, including room thermostats. After purchasing, do not forget to keep the operating manuals, as they can be useful at any time both for learning the operation of certain functions and for troubleshooting.

If we are talking about more complex mechanisms, such as vehicles, then there are specialized websites where necessary car owners’ manuals and ATVs repair instructions collected specifically for your make and model. Thus, you can find not only manufacturer’s recommendations for operation and maintenance, but also spare parts and service manuals for DIY vehicle repair.
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